How To Cook Rice Paragraph | 4 Steps In Cooking Rice

How To Cook Rice Paragraph Lets see this Paragraph

How To Cook Rice Paragraph

For cooking rice, one has to take a cup of rice in a bowl. Then she has to wash it twice in running water carefully and have to keep it aside. Next she has to light the gas and has to put a bigger bowl half filled with water on the oven when the water begins to boil. She has to put the socked rice in it and have to let it boil. After that she has to keep the regulator of the oven at medium temperature, other wise the rice water will spill over. After the rice has boiled for 10-15 minutes, she has to pill up some rice with a spoon. She has to press a few grains to see if the rice is soft. If it not soft enough, she has to let it boil for some more time. Again she has to chock it for soft ness. When she is satisfied, she has to turn off the gas and have to pour the boil rice along with the water in a slotted (with holes at the bottom) bowl and drain the water. The rice is now ready to eat. 

How To Cook Rice Paragraph  4 Steps In Cooking Rice
How To Cook Rice Paragraph  4 Steps In Cooking Rice

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