When Sewing Machine Invented - All Details Here

Friends today we will know When Sewing Machine Invented.

When Sewing Machine Invented - All Details Here

The history of making garments with sewing machines is not very long. The first sewing machine was used only 263 years ago today. In 1855, Charles Frederick of England invented and patented the first sewing machine that could be used to make stitches like hand stitches. Commercial sewing machines were made in 1851, just 18 years before today. 

The company that first made this sewing machine was Isaac Merritt Singer. Then the Japanese Zuki Company was established in Tokyo in 1945 and the first sewing machine was made there in 1948.

For the first time in history, the authorities of almost all the factories thought of arranging housing for the workers in order to save time and increase the demand of the time of the Industrial Revolution. In 1849, gold suddenly began to be found in some parts of California. 

Which is historically known as the California Gold Rush. As news spread, about 300,000 people from other US states and neighboring countries immigrated to California. Among the large number of immigrants was a 20-year-old boy named Levi Strauss who ran a grocery store there. 

He himself started making pocket full pants with metal pins in 183 for the shop. These pants were made of hard cotton fabric called Serge-D-Nimes which was later called denim. 

The popularity of denim pants began to grow very quickly and its commercial production further increased the demand for sewing machines.

In 1855, the American inventor Charles T. Wijenthal invented the two-needle sewing machine. On March 10, 1828, Henry Lai of Philadelphia obtained a patent for a leather sewing machine. But no model or record of their work can be found today. 

Barthelemy Thimonier of St. Etienne, France, made a sewing call in 1830 using a double-pointed needle. He was able to attach the needle to a bar attached to the wheel that could turn the sweetie up and down. In 1834, Walter Hunt of America designed a two-thread shuttle machine. In 1849, Hunt patented his invention. But the business failed to make a profit. 

Names of different parts of common sewing machine:

1) Needle

2) Needle plate

3) Feed Dog

4) Needle bar

5) Needle clamp

6) Pressure bar

7) Pressure feet

8) Pressure foot lifter etc.

A list of the sewing machines being used commercially:

1) Lock stitch machine

2) Chain stitch machine

3) Over lock machine

4) Zig-jag stitching machine

5) Flat lock machine

6) Blind stitch machine

7) Button holing machine

8) Button attaching machine

9) Bar tech machine.

Many failed attempts at the beginning of the 18th century:

Attempts to make sewing machines in the early 18th century failed miserably. In this case, the attempts were first made using a needle on one side and a rotating handle on the other. But later when this design failed, the design was changed and success came as a result.

  • In 1810 a man named Balthasar Krems built a sewing machine. This machine of his failed to sew properly and he later withdrew from patenting the design of his machine.
  • In 1814, Joseph Mothersperger, an Austrian tailor, set out to build a sewing machine. He also made and patented a number of instruments for sewing. But all his efforts failed.
  • 1818 John Adams and John Knowles, two Americans, make the first sewing machine in America. But this machine breaks down after sewing a few bits of fabric.

When it comes to making a woman self-reliant, the first thought that comes to mind is a sewing machine. That means we know and believe that a single sewing machine can turn a woman's life around. So much thought went into it. Every day we need a sewing machine for various tasks. 

Not every home has a sewing machine yet, but the demand is increasing day by day. If you have a machine in the house, it works a lot. Learning small things also reduces the hassle of going to the terrace again and again. Time and money live with that.

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