Dialogue About Importance Of Learning English

হ্যালো প্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী বন্দুরা আজকে আমরা জানব Dialogue About Importance Of Learning English। তোমরা অনেক আছো যারা এই Dialogue About Importance Of Learning English খুজে থাকো। কিন্তু মন মতো এই Dialogue About Importance Of Learning English টি পাওনা। তাই আমরা আজকে তোমাদের জন্য Dialogue টি নিয়ে আসলাম। আশা করি তোমাদের আজকের এই কথপকথন টি ভালো লাগবে। তো বন্ধুরা চল জেনে নেই Dialogue About Importance Of Learning English টি।

Dialogue About Importance Of Learning English
Dialogue About Importance Of Learning English

Question: Write a dialogue between two friends Nipa and Ripa about the importance of learning English.

Answer: A dialogue between Nipa and Ripa about the importance of learning English. 

Ripa: Hello

Nipa: Hi. How are You?

Ripa: Fine and you

Nipa: Fine. Hey, Nipa what's the matter? Why you look pale? 

Ripa: Well, I'm thinking how could I learn English better? Because it's an international language. It's very important for higher education and for getting a good job. 

Nipa: You are quite right. It is highly need for every learner. 

Ripa: Do you wish to improve your skill in English? 

Nipa: Of course I do, and I have come to you for your kind suggestion in this matter. 

Ripa: Then you should read books and newspapers written in English, watch English films and TV news. Try your best to speak in English. Remember four things listening, reading, writing and speaking are most effective in learning English. 

Nipa: Thanks for your suggestion. 

Ripa: Welcome.

Write a dialogue between you and Zahir regarding necessity of learning English. 

Ans: A dialogue between myself and Zahir regarding necessity Of Learning English:

Myself: How do you? 

Zahir: Well, and you? 

Myself: Nice, where are you going? 

Zahir: I have an English class now. 

Myself: What is the condition in English of your class-mates? 

Zahir: Not so good. I don't understand why they don't study English seriously? 

Myself : I also think so. They should know that English is an International Language. 

Zahir: Yes, the necessity of learning this language cannot be denied. 

Myself: Really, if we know English we can live and move without any difficulty in foreign countries where people do not know our mother tongue. 

Zahir: Yes, right you are. Besides, English enables us to enter into the store house of knowledge. 

Myself: Yes, if we do not learn English, we will be unable to produce good doctors, engineers, technicians etc. 

Zahir: Exactly, our international relations and trade would be affected if we do not know English. 

Myself: In a word, considering the necessity of learning English, we should study seriously 

Zahir: Of course, thanks. Myself Welcome. Bye.

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